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Wundersound: 2012 the celebration fundraiser

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Do you want to celebrate 2012? Wundersound is a pop band from Portland, Oregon. Join us as we extol—with music—the change of the grand cycle of 26,000 years! It's the passing of the old and the beginning of the new. What do you want our new world to be like?


Did you know that it is now possible for you to directly back the music projects that you want? Do you want to take part in making a big music venture, and receive great tangible rewards? Wundersound is making a bold move to raise more than $200,000 online to fund both our Album and Documentary. We will be crowdfunding the project in stages this year. Stay tuned for the news. Subscribe to get the announcement. Watch our video for a taste of Wundersound: 2012 ...


The Base Budget - Funds needed to make this project


Album Production



Documentary Production



Initial Releases Manufacture



Marketing / Publicity / Promotion / Sales















Help us surpass our goal—funds above the goal go to marketing so this music may reach more people!

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