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The Earth vs. The World

by Quinton Carlson, June 10, 2013


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The Earth is this wonderful planet we have, including the symbiosis of all life here. The World, on the other hand, is what we humans are up to, what we have created with our free will, what we have inserted into our collective reality, including our daily lives, governments, politics, fashions, art, beliefs, emotions, industry, entertainment, family dramas, internet and so on. Anything we do as humans sends waves through the Earth, which can be felt far and wide by all.


Today I am especially aware that the World is in upheaval. The financial systems are reforming, military are up to tumultuous secret projects, the Canadian Minister of Defense broke the news that aliens are among us, truth emerged that all Americans are being spied on by their government, wars continue, large corporations are tampering with planetary genetics, the greedy heap their woes on everyone else—these are some of the waves everyone is experiencing this week alone. There seems to be a theme that what was once hidden in darkness is now being exposed to the light, causing a flurry of reaction. A lot of people believe they are more important than you and want you to experience their power trip. How are you experiencing World events?


The good news is that we can get out of the commotion. The Earth has a very different vibration compared to the World. Right beneath our feet is a source of gentle and loving life. Feel what planet Earth is contributing. You can participate in the Earth by doing some gardening, watching a bumble bee, enjoying the sun or rain, smelling a flower, strolling among the trees, or anything else that draws your attention to the balanced Earth. Chop an onion and cook a meal to take part in the Earth system of nourishment.


We can also make separation from the World with personal quiet time and meditation. All that pandemonium out there is what other people are creating. It's simple to take a moment, let go of everybody else's growth, and tune in to your own self right inside your body. Let go of all the other people in the World. Your own life challenges are simple and easy. Things only become unbearable when you get caught up in the World. If you are feeling burdened or overwhelmed in any way, be aware that the burden is not yours in the first place, so you can safely return it to the sender. Life is fun when you drop the external racket and pare down to just your own creativity.


When we find the balance between our self and the Earth, World events lose their potency and the natural state emerges. We can still observe the World and understand its happenings, but turn the volume down to a comfortable level to enjoy our own lives on Earth.



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