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The Documentary Film...

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We have in store for you a feature-length film following Wundersound making the album, and documenting our global celebration of 2012.


It's the story behind the art.


We plan music videos throughout, for each track from the album.


Your funding makes it possible for us to chronicle the joy as we transition through 2012. Our movie will be full of editorial vignettes of our times. Audiences will learn about:


  • What is 2012 anyway?
  • Pop Music Recording Techniques
  • 50-Person Choir in the Studio
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Meditation
  • Our Relationship with Planet Earth
  • Nutrition of Sound
  • Cymatics (how sound shapes the matter it vibrates)
  • Transduction (translating waves of one type into another)
  • Music in the Internet Age
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Comedy!
  • Revival of Classical Music

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