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Pop Celebration! Here are 2 demos, blueprints of what is to come. Please note that these are not yet professionally recorded. Imagine what your backing can do to studio-record these tracks at world-class standards and really make them shine.... Have a listen while you read about the tracks below.


This recording is a Wundersound rehearsal with computer-sequenced horns added. Your donation helps us make a high-production recording that includes real big-band brass, classical organ, a 50-person choir in verse 3, Asian instruments, acoustic sound effects to suggest the passage of great time, and overall perfected performance.

"2012 [demo]"

(c)2011 Quinton Carlson (p)2011 Wundersound.

"So Happy"

This recording is a piecemeal development demo. With your donation, we will remake the song with a tightly rehearsed band, and add layers of musical texture to give more grandeur.

"So Happy [demo]"

(c)2008 Quinton Carlson & D.R. Casey (p)2011 Wundersound.

more tracks planned for the record:

    "Pacific" A natural acoustic recording of the Oregon Coast.

    "Node Of Reality" Wundersound pop tune.

    "Special Sound" Acoustic and electronic effects from the film.

    "In This Time (I Feel My Love Again)" Wundersound pop ballad.

    "Right Here Now" Wundersound pop tune.

    "Interchange" Wundersound pop tune.


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