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Life & Death

by Quinton Carlson, March 27, 2012


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In the last year many loved ones have died. I've been thinking about how spirit is immortal, whereas bodies have a beginning and an end. We all come from the great ocean of spirit. Like dolphins in a school, we leap into the material world for a lifetime, then dive back into the water. I don't think any dolphins worry about where their friends have gone—our friends may have dived back into the water ahead of us, but I'm sure we'll be joining them soon enough.


When my best friend kitty cat died, he decided to do it all by himself. One minute he was with us, taking a very enjoyable wire-brush rub on his chin. My mother and I left the room, and when we came back my cat had disappeared! Where was he? The only escape route was under the tub into the attic eves. My mother and I both suspected that my cat had gone into the attic to die, but we couldn't get to him right away. A couple minutes later I felt a wave go through me. It was as if the material plane were a rubber sheet, and as my cat disconnected from his body, the rubber sheet was pulled and stretched, then at the moment of death it snapped back into place sending a ripple out. The new material plane no longer included my cat's connection to it. I knew he had gone. After 3 days of hunting for his body, I found it burrowed down into a wall. The wall space between the studs was exactly the size and shape of his body. I lifted Mr. fluffball out. He had apparently found himself a nice nest on the fiberglass insulation, slumped his head down in utter relief and relaxation, then departed. His body had a huge smile on its face.


My cat told me that because I was always there for him, he would like to be there for me. After he died, he has hung around. From his point of view, he still has a body, a lighter astral body. He still sleeps in my chair. One day he let out a huge sneeze in the middle of the night. Another day he scratched and scraped the floor to clean up after an astral poop. His favorite way of letting me know he's here is to noisily pluck the carpet as he walks across the room, even though I don't have any carpet in this house.


Spirit is eternal. We only need to lift our vision to the spiritual plane to see and visit all our deceased loved ones. They are all still here. Imagine a world where everyone is aware of this. What would life and death mean if we could always talk to our dead friends? How much more freedom from fear would we have if we knew with certainty that life and consciousness goes on after the body?


Daily meditation has given me the confirmation and validation to see my cat and other deceased friends.



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