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"Fear Not"

A Spiritual View on Dealing with World Fear

by Quinton Carlson, September 11, 2013


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I recently chatted with a stranger who told me she was terrified of the changes in our government. She believed her civil freedom was under assault and felt helpless. I pointed out to her that we can ask angels to help us, they are experts at non-fear. "Fear not" are the famous first words of angels in many accounts. Fear is a body response to perceived danger. When confronted with a high spiritual energy level, such as an angelic visitation, the body may naturally react in fear to the hitherto unfamiliar energy. Fortunately, angels help us lift to the level of non-fear.


Despite its chaotic appearance, the world is actually experiencing a fast change to a higher, spiritually focused vibration. More spiritual energy is filling the planet and we are stepping up an octave, closer to awareness of God. Fear not.


Lately there have been many global challenges that are causing a lot of bodies to fear. Tremendous change is upon us. Old world systems are collapsing. Governments and economies are reformulating. Poison, pollution and radiation choke our sphere. To many, it feels like the world is ending or has gone crazy. Humans are a herd animal, and with so many people afraid, it's easy to run with the fear herd, further amplifying the fear front, or worse getting trampled under. Think of the witch hunt frenzies.


It's easy to spot the fearful because they are the ones who will tell you to be afraid. Anyone who is telling you to be afraid is lying, either naïvely or deliberately. Think about who is telling you to fear. The government and media are notorious for telling you to fear. One group will warn you to be afraid of another group, or vice versa, pointing the fear finger at scapegoats. Many religions teach people to fear God, which is another lie; God is love, a consciousness of non-fear. Whom do you know personally who is telling you to be afraid? How about you, do you blame any group for your problems, thus projecting your fear? Anyone who preaches fear is not in alignment with God. Walk away from or ignore anyone who tells you to fear. Fear not.


Many are having a hard time adjusting to the new spiritual level here, and for them the high energy causes terror, they feel as though they are drowning, in survival panic. Perhaps they are drowning, since the fearful ways are a sinking ship in our new non-fear consciousness. Many have gone berserk. Many are fearful because they believe they are losing control. Many act out with violence to prove the fear and intimidate. The old physical method of controlling the outer world is being replaced by the new pattern of controlling what is inside oneself. Inner control is spiritual control. With spiritual control, you can rise up into non-fear where you are safe.


Many cling to the old pattern, bent on world domination. Recent developments in surveillance and weaponry technologies reflect the deep materialist terror of those involved. Since spiritual control is now replacing the old pattern of physical control, the fearful are making a last stand to intimidate their way into keeping their vanishing sense of power. They mistakenly believe that threats and theft lead to their security. They want the rest of us to bear the weight of their fear problems. They want us to believe they are bigger than us and can overpower us. They rely on fooling you, yes you, into believing you are only a body, a body which they can then overwhelm. Let go of the belief that outer forces are bigger than you are. You are not your body. You are unlimited spirit, and a part of God. What could be more potent than that?


Fear not. We are blessed to have spiritual techniques that can help us take conscious spiritual control. The main technique is "grounding." When the ocean is stormy, we need an anchor to ride out the storm in safety. Grounding is a spiritual anchor. Take a quiet meditative moment to visualize a cord of energy anchoring you from near the base of your spine to the center of the planet. You have created a spiritual grounding anchor. Feel the difference between dealing with the world while you are anchored, compared to when you are tossed by the crazy waves of the fearful. Grounding puts you in charge of your reality. Feel your spiritual control when you are anchored—you are in charge of what happens to your vessel now. Practice grounding all the time to re-set your anchor.


You can also use grounding to release energy from your system. Let go of your fear now—imagine any fear energy leaving you, flowing down your grounding cord. Let the fear flush away to the center of the earth. Feel what it's like to have reduced fear.


Another way to deal with fear is to superimpose or replace it with another emotion. When you are afraid, try switching to being angry. When you are angry, try switching to being amused. You can dispel unwanted emotions by turning them into fun.


Earth's spiritual dawn is causing new light to shine into all the places that used to be dark, the hidden fearful greedy places. This process, while alarming to many, can be fun if you stay anchored. Think of some favorite tales about illumination, such as when turning the light on caused the rats to scurry, or opening a dark canister from the back of the fridge stunk up the whole kitchen. World cleansing can be humorous instead of disastrous.


It is each soul's responsibility to deal with any fear. It's your choice whether to watch the storm from anchored comfort or to get swept into it.


We are entering a brave new era of spiritual seniority, where each of us calls the shots on our own reality, unfazed by the crazy world. If you are in a state of non-fear, you might find a herd of other non-afraid people developing around you. Your non-fear helps others to match your state. When you are grounded, you help others to become grounded, even if they are not conscious of it. Some people might think you are crazy for not being afraid. Have compassion for those who fear. And remember, angels are standing by, ready to help when asked.


We are at a crossroads where both paths can frighten the body: the sinking ship of materialism on the one hand, and the magnitude of our own spiritual power on the other. The body can feel trapped by the dilemma. Admire and embrace your own spiritual power, and ground to help your body acclimate.


I have noticed for myself that world fear is very distracting, it steers me away from my goals and into the world drama. Perhaps our active pursuit of our happiness is an indication that we have risen above world fear. Fear not.



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